Tunnel Choke

I have a bit of a confession to make on my use of tunnel chokes.

Although I know that the Victor Out-O-Sight 0631 is the most effective mole trap design ever, we do have problems using the trap in soil that is too wet or too dry or in sandy soils.Dispersing young moles also pose a bit of a problem with all mole traps because of the young moles size and delicate touch when tunneling. To overcome these problems, I have been working with solid materials to constrict the tunnel, thus eliminating the need for lumps of dirt or “speed bumps” as I like to call them.

My original tunnel chokes permanently modified the 0631 trap making it necessary for us to double our trap count. I was able to design a slip on and off choke US Patent Serial 09/944,558 that I call The Molemans “Little Woodie” professional tunnel choke. Testing was done by six professional mole trappers in Cincinnati and another in Dayton. The choke allows trapping in any kind of soil and eliminates misses. Chokes replace soil blockages or “speed bumps”. They simplify setting instructions and will cut down the amount of time required to set the 0631 in dry soil conditions.

Little Woodie instructions Little Woodie

I believe the choke so increases the kill ratio for the 0631 that it should be included with the trap for consumer purchase. Getting Woodstream interested is another thing again, but rest assured that I will keep trying.

Anyone interested in ordering the Little Woodie can contact me at moleman@fuse.net or 513-662-3017.