“Tom Schmidt has studied the animal very thoroughly. He probably has a lot of insight into mole behavior and mole control that even university experts don’t have, because he’s out there on a regular basis working with these animals.”

– Bob Corrigan Ph D. Entomology Purdue University

“Tom Schmidt is what I call a ‘closet academic.’ He’s spent a lot of time in libraries getting the real scientific information that the average person doesn’t do.” ‘He’s been a real help to us.”

– Dave Shetlar Ohio State University Extension landscape entomologist.

“You were selected as a speaker from a committee of industry and university personnel who recognized your expertise in the turfgrass industry.

– John Street Associate Prof. OSU

“..we apprieciate your contribution to the success of the conference.” “…look forward to having you participate in the future.”

– Peter Landschoot Assocoate Professor of Turfgrass Science Penn State University

“We certainly appreciated your talk at the OTF meeting and I still get good comments from the attenders.”

-David Shetlar Ph.D. Landscape Entomologist OSU

“Thanks for your excellent presentation……..This is the kind of information these folks were interested in, …”

-Greg Yarrow Associate Professor of Wildlife Clemson University

“Moles Make Lousy Pets: A Guide to Effective Control” by Thomas F. Schmidt, Aztec Productions 1993. 48 minutes. “If you want to know how to trap the eastern mole, then you should consider purchasing the video” “…I give this video an animal damage control rating of “A”

– Stephen Vantassel, NWCO Coorespondent

“The thought of killing an animal has never set easy with me, but the chance to spend a day and a half with someone who bills himself as “The Moleman” was too intriguing to pass up. It didn’t take long to learn that Tom Schmidt deserves the title.”

– Nancy Beaubaire Executive Editor Fine Gardening Magazine