Tom Schmidt Credentials

article-coverPCT Article – The Mole Man, 2001

1988, July 14 – Civic Garden Center (Grounds Maintenance Clinic) The Moleman

1989, April 11Cincinnati Enquirer Extra “The Mole World In His Hands.” by Cindy Schroeder

1989, November/DecemberFine Gardening Magazine Issue #10
“Mole Control- Trapping does the job.” by Tom Schmidt

1993, February – Issue Landscape Management “Mole Control Can Be Profitable” by Ron Hall

1993, May 17Cincinnati Enquirer Tempo “Mole Man” by John Johnston

1995, October – “Best Mole Trapper” Cincinnati Magazine

1998, MarchThe Landscaper Magazine Published by the Metropolitan Detroit Landscape Assoc.
“The Mystic Mole” by Tom Schmidt.

Member of the Ohio Turfgrass Foundation since 1992.


1992, December 9 – “Mole Control In The Landscape” Ohio Turfgrass Foundation Conference and Show by Ohio State University Cincinnati Convention Center.

1994, January 26 – Ohio State University Nursery Short Course Conference and Show Columbus, Ohio.

1995/96 – Ohio Pesticide Applicators Recertification Conference Ohio State University Cleveland, Dayton, Perrysburg, and Columbus.

1996, January 24 – Midwest Regional Turf Foundation by Purdue University Agronomy “Effective Mole Control”  Golf Course “Effective Mole Control” Indianapolis Ind.

1996/97 – Ohio Pesticide Applicators Conferences for Ohio State University Cleveland, Perrysburg, Dayton and Columbus Ohio.

1997, February 26 – Western Pennsylvania Turf Conference and Trade Show by Penn State University Agricultural Sciences Monroeville PA. “The Mystic Mole: Biology and Control.”

1997, September 22 – Southeastern Nuisance Wildlife Management Workshop Clemson University Clemson, South Carolina by Clemson University’s Dept. of Aquaculture, Fisheries and Wildlife Entomology Research Services and Cooperative Extension Service.

1997/98 – Ohio Pesticide Applicators Conferences by Ohio State University, November 25 Cleveland, December 17 Dayton, January 14 Perrysburg, January 22 Columbus

1998, January 7 – Easter Pennsylvania Turf Conference by PennState University Philadelphia

1998, January 28 – Ohio Nurserymens Convention by Ohio State University Columbus

1998/99 – Ohio Pesticide Applicators Conferences by Ohio State University November 24 Cleveland, December 16 Dayton, January 13/99 Perrysburg, January 22/99 Columbus

1999, January 28 – 1999 Northeastern Pennsylvania Turfgrass and Grounds Maintenance School by Penn State University Resort at Split Rock (Poconos)

1999, April 9-10 – Logan County Mole Clinic, Bellefontaine, Ohio

1999, August 4 – 12:30 Second Annual Northwest Ohio Summer Field Day Ownes Community College by Ohio State University Extension Contact Amy Stone ABE Center (800) 358-4678 ext. 13

1999/00 – Ohio Pesticide Applicators Conferences Ohio State University Series Cleveland-Dayton- Perrysburg and Columbus.

2000/2001 – Ohio State Pesticide Applicators Conferences November 21, 2000 Cleveland – December 13 Dayton- January 17, 2001 Perrysburg- January 31, 2001 Columbus Convention Center.

2002, January 23 – 73rd Annual OSU Nursery Short Course & CENTS show. Columbus, Ohio

2002, January 28-30 – Iowa Turf Conference Iowa State University DesMoines, Iowa

2003, January 7 – Midwest Regional Turf Foundation sponsored by MRTF of Purdue University

2003, December 12 – Ohio Turfgrass Conference & Show  Columbus Ohio Mole Behavior and Control  –  Periodic Accelerations in mole populations.

2005, January 19 – Michigan State University Turf Conference Holiday Inn South Lansing

2005, December 8 – Ohio Turfgrass Conference & Show  Columbus, Ohio ‘The Mystic Mole”  – Behavior and Control  – Periodic Accelerations

2006, January – 77th Annual OSU Nursery Short Course  –  Columbus, Ohio Norvasc 10 mg