Harpoon In Shallow Tunnel

1) Make a depression with your thumbs
or hand (Fig.1) in the center of an active
tunnel. The trigger pan will eventually
sit 1/2 to 1 inch down in this depression
or blockage.
2) Position the trap over the depression,
legs straddling the tunnel. Push the trap
into the soil until the trigger pan lays
flat on top of the depression. Lift the
trigger latch and push the trigger
pan into the tunnel depression.
The trigger latch should lay
outside of the trigger pan lip.
3) Hold the frame of the trap firmly
with your left hand and pull up
quickly on the setting tee. The latch
will slide into position inside of the
pan lip, holding the plate and spikes
above the tunnel.

Scissors Trap In A Deep Tunnel
The scissors or Out-Of-Sight trap allows
you to dig into an active tunnel to place the
trap exactly in the moles path.

1) With a tool about the same length and width as the trap,
dig down and expose the tunnel. The tunnel must be open
on both ends of the trap. (A through tunnel!)
2) Place a wedge of compacted dirt in the center of the
tunnel, making a speed-bump of sorts. It should cross 
the tunnel and will lie directly beneath the trigger pan.
Or use clip-on  tunnel choke.
3) Read the box instructions for cocking
and setting this trap! The tools provided
are to gain leverage. They are placed on
the spring with the trigger or long rod
laying across the top of the trap.
The rod extends through one setting lever
and will eventually latch inside the pan lip.
Use the safety hook once the trap is
cocked. The trap should align with the
tunnel so the mole will have to pass between
one set of jaws before hitting the blockage
or speed-bump. Once the trap is in position,
back fill the entire opening with loose soil
to keep daylight from entering the tunnel.

The Victor 0645 Plunger Mole Trap 
is in the process of being modified. The
setting principle is the same as for the
Classic Plunger type illustrated in figure (1)
above, however, the box instructions
and illustrations are deceiving. The front
panel shows a set trap with mole going
through the trap with the tunnel not blocked.
The trigger pan must rest on a small blockage
made by crushing a small section of the tunnel
as explained in 1) above Harpoon In Shallow Tunnel.
The front panel also details a 28 coil spring. The
new trap actually has 13 coils. The side panel
also shows the “new” 0645 set incorrectly. See fig 3.

If the plunger trap is set as the picture illustrates, the
mole will not be able to set the trap off . The tunnel
portion beneath the trigger pan must be partially
blocked, and trigger pan must rest on the blockage.
All mole traps are designed to discharge when the
moles pushes up on the trigger. The moles does
this by trying to squeeze beneath the blocked portion
of the tunnel. This portion should be directly below
the trigger pan.

I don’t think the new plunger is constructed as well
as the old spear trap but I am able to catch moles
with the new 0645. As I stated above, it is in the
process of modification and I am sure the kinks will
be soon be worked out.

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